Lompoc Barber Academy Introduction

Personal appearance has always been at the core of an individuals representation of themselves to the world.  Since ancient times The Barber has been the person that civilizations have looked to as a means of maintaining that personal appearance.  In Ezekiel 5:1 the Bible references Barbers, haircuts and beard grooming all in one verse.  Even farther back than that we have pictoral representations and tools of “cavemen” (and women) who used sharpened rocks to shave their faces and presumably their heads and bodies as well.

Fortunately for us we no longer need to use rocks to shave or cut our hair.  Especially since Cosmoton (pronounced Cosmo Ton) the new Barbering College located in the “City of Arts and Flowers” Lompoc, California is providing education to students and services to the people of Lompoc and the surrounding areas.  The Mission of Cosmoton Barbering Academy is one of providing a strong base of education in all aspects of hair and barbering for future barbers. Cosmoton Barbering Academy is a barbering college teaching the new, talented, future barbers while providing excellent, low cost services to the public.  All services are performed by students who are preparing to take their California licensing exam for Barbering.

The Cosmoton education team is led by Michael and Laura Funkhouser, former Paul Mitchell School Educators and Directors.  “We have left the day to day management decisions to this duo.  We have seen their commitment to their craft and the excellence they instill in the people they train.  This decision was a no brainer.” says Peyton Shaw, investor and venture capitalist.

At Cosmoton the commitments and dedication to helping people ranges from Students, learning and growing, to Guests, receiving the best service a learning student can provide, and Staff. “We know people have lives outside of school” Michael says, “we want our team to be able to have a life outside of work.”  The Cosmoton regular work week for students and staff is a 3 day 10 hour shift.  This allows for plenty of time for spending time with family, going grocery shopping or doing chores.  “People who come into this industry are hustling all the time.  We don’t always have free time to see you mom or hang out with your family and that’s important.”

The name Cosmoton comes from “Kosmos” which means ordered or orderly and refers to the structure of ornamenting or designing anything from the universe to hair.  The second half of the name is a nod to an ancient way to refer to a person who cut the hair, beards and tonsors of the monks.   Those people were called Tonsoral Artists.  Thus we have KosmoTons or Cosmoton.  The slogan “21st-Century Barbering” refers to the fact that Cosmoton uses new technology to teach classes in a way that the modern student understands and relates to.  “We teach everything a modern day appearance worker would need to be successful and make a good living in whatever capacity they decide to use their licenses.”  says Laura.

The Barbering program consists of all aspects of hair including:

  • Hair coloring and Hi-lights
  • Blow-dry and Styling
  • Perm and Relaxer
  • Women’s and Men’s Haircutting
  • Men’s face and beard grooming including hot towel shaves

The Barbering Crossover program consists only of the things that barbers do that Cosmetologists do not do:

  • How to cut a fade haircut
  • How to perform a hot towel shave and facial
  • How to build your business as a Tonsorial Artist
  • State Board Crossover Examination preparation

The Crossover program costs just $ 5,005 and the Barber program costs

$ 15,000 including application fee, books and classroom supplies and student tuition fee.