Cosmoton Hair Academy teaches all aspects of hair including:

  • Hair coloring and Hi-lights
  • Blow-dry and Styling
  • Perm and Relaxer
  • Womens AND Mens Haircutting
  • Men’s face and beard grooming including hot towel shaves

*Please be aware of this, we train you to be profitable, professional and to be a professional.  We expect excellence from our students.

Your time at Cosmoton will focus on ALL aspects of hair.  The difference between barber school and cosmetology school is that cosmetologists take 200 hours to focus on nails and 90% of them don’t ever use their nail education in real life.  Barbers take that same 200 hours and focus on men’s grooming which is statistically 40% of a hair professional’s day to day activity.  Barber school curriculum is very very similar to Cosmetology except for this difference; barbers can sell straight razor services and cosmetologists can sell acrylic nail services.

The name Cosmoton comes from a prefix Kosmos and the suffix Tonsorius.  Cosmos (as we would spell it in english) means; to order, good order, orderly arrangement.  It was initially used in science to describe how the universe arranged or organized itself.  To us it means to be in order or to apply something (learning) in a step by step manner.

Tonsorius or Tonsor is a word that became associated with the barbering practice in the medieval era (400 to 1400s C.E.) meaning; of or pertaining to shearing or shaving.  We are called Cosmoton because we take you from the known into the unknown in a step by step manner and teach everything pertaining to shearing or shaving.

We are not a Cosmetology school but we are not your traditional Barber or Tonsorial school either (although you do end up with a barbering license).   At Cosmoton Academy you become a well rounded professional, not afraid of clipper cuts and also not afraid of a blow dryer.  This is a 21st Century Barbering Academy.





Barbering has a history that dates back to Biblical times and much evidence that it was practiced well before that.  Barbering is an honorable profession with time tested traditions and ideologies.  Humans got their heads shaved and humans with too much facial or body hair would also have their faces and other body parts shaved as fashion dictated.  This has been a common practice in human society since cutting tools have been available to us.  Barbers are most often associated with the “Cut-throat Razor” and this is the nerve that sets Barbers apart from Cosmetologists as it is the pivotal source of Barbers pride and most often, respect.

At Cosmoton Hair Academy we promote the idea that Barbers can do any hair service and not just fades and clipper cuts, however our Barber Crossover program focuses on just that; we only focus on short hair and facial services.  We assume that a Crossover student already knows their way around a blow dryer, is proficient in color application, color formulations and knows how to use product to style short and long hair.

Our crossover program focuses on just a few things:

  • How to cut a faded haircut
  • How to perform a hot towel shave and facial
  • How to build your business both as a Cosmo and as a Tonsorial Artist
  • State Board Crossover Examination preparation

*Please be aware of this, this is a short program so you are expected to read an average of 4 hours outside of school each week so we can focus on the key and most important aspects of barbering theory, state board and hands on applications.  If you know you will not be able to commit to this standard look for solutions and contact us with your top three ways you will make the time to complete your desired program.