At COSMOTON ACADEMY, we commit to continuing the ongoing process of evolution to provide you with the best, most current education possible. We maintain our PBA membership as well as other organizations that keep our students in the loop with the happenings and goings on in the world of hair.  Another benefit of PBA membership is our connection and understanding with current and ever changing laws and legislation for our industry, allowing us to better prepare you for your career in your town. PBA also gets us education from Ruezel to Truffle Honey to Paul Mitchell school and barber training would not be the same without some product knowledge.


At COSMOTON ACADEMY, we commit to educating our guests and the cities of Lompoc, Santa Ynez and Santa Maria on the proper grooming and care for their hair and skin. Products we use are Ruezel, Truffle Honey and Paul Mitchell school just would not be the same without these products. This education will ensure that our guests are able to duplicate the styles that are created in the shop as well as give them a bit of barber training and the confidence to create and execute a home care routine.  Our female guests can get any service they would normally get at a cosmetology school with the same and often better quality of haircut or color service. We also commit to having available all necessary take home products to maintain a home care routine.  We will continue to do whatever is necessary to provide first class service to satisfy your needs and reach your goals.


At COSMOTON ACADEMY we commit to providing a safe and friendly workplace, where our teachers are treated with Kindness, Respect and Understanding.  We commit to providing our teachers with the information, tools and education to successfully maintain professional leadership.  Our teachers will never have to worry if they are getting the weekend off for Thanksgiving and have to drive back to Lompoc or if they need to show up extra early the day after Trick-or-Treating with their child in Santa Maria. We are mindful of the fact that people want money but they also want free time, we commit to giving our teachers a sensible and caring amount of time to celebrate like a normal person with their families making their time as barber training teachers so much more productive.