Long Tradition

Personal appearance has always been at the core of an individuals representation of themselves to the world.  Since ancient times The Barber has been the person that civilizations have looked to as a means of maintaining that personal appearance.  In Ezekiel 5:1 the Bible references Barbers, haircuts and beard grooming all in one verse.  Even farther back than that we have pictoral representations and tools of “cavemen” (and women) who used sharpened rocks to shave their faces and presumably their heads and bodies as well.

Fortunately for us we no longer need to use rocks to shave or cut our hair.  Especially since Cosmoton (pronounced Cosmo Ton) the new Barbering College located in the “City of Arts and Flowers” Lompoc, California is providing education to students and services to the people of Lompoc and the surrounding areas.  The Mission of Cosmoton Barbering Academy is one of providing a strong base of education in all aspects of hair and barbering for future barbers. Cosmoton Barbering Academy is a barbering college teaching the new, talented, future barbers while providing excellent, low cost services to the public.  All services are performed by students who are preparing to take their California licensing exam for Barbering.

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